Book Review

Book Review OF When Heaven Meets Earth

by Swarna L. Singhal, Ph.D.

The book describes in detail what the seven vows mean to anyone trying to understand why these vows are such an important part of a Hindu marriage. The author makes the explanations gripping by sharing personal stories from her own marriage and marriages of her friends and clients. The book takes a reader on a personal journey of self-reflection. It inspires a reader to contemplate deeply on the significance of such concepts as commitment, acceptance, respect, love, and spirituality and what they might mean to them in their own marital and other relationship.

To my dear readers,
The author has poured her heart and emotions in this book which made me emotionally connected.
I would like to add that the book has been a great eye-opener to thousands of people as it is divided into 2 parts – the VOWS and the Further Reading. The first section describes the seven vows and their value in a successful marriage. The Further Readings contains many essays the author has written on various aspects of human relationships such as sex and spirituality. It appears that the author has done a thorough research to gain knowledge of Hindu philosophy and has described complicated concepts in simple words for anyone to understand. This section also includes a chapter of the rituals performed in a Hindu marriage.
In the essay “A Meditation on Marriage”, I felt Dr. Singhal has spoken some truths not generally described in other books on marriage. In the weddings I have attended and even in the movies I have watched, the priest usually does not describe in simple language what each of those vows mean. This book does that.
The book holds facts about Hindu wedding ceremony which is so important for the youngsters to know because it holds importance in the todays world where there is a need to know about the religion and the culture which is somewhere lost.

1) To learn about the fundamentals and the essence of marriage and why it is important to follow the vows.
2) To become responsible husband and wife.
3) To understand that the simple three words, “I LOVE YOU” cost nothing, but they help in keeping the marriage prosperous.
4) To be mentally and physically strong in a marriage.
5) To act as a support system for each other.
6) To know about the true meaning of “om ravas santu joradastyaha”
7) To take care of the marriage life and fulfil all wishes.
The tittle “WHEN HEAVEN MEETS EARTH” has great significant
In this title the heaven is the husband, and the earth is the wife. Earth and heaven complement each other. There is a close relationship bond that is formed between two people before getting married. They can use the book as a guide to write their own personalized vows. Recently a couple in California used the book to write their own vows.
I also liked the Last chapter titled, The Epilogue, which encourages couples or anyone reading the book to become their own friend, their own ‘self-partner,’ to make their own life journey meaningful.
“When they begin to embrace their own uniqueness, it becomes easier for them to accept their partners as they are”

  • Swarna L. Singhal, Ph.D.
    Recommendation –
    They book is highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience a journey to know a detailed version of what the importance of the 7 Vows is and why the marriage is something which needs time and understanding. This book is also meant for them to understand how they can plan and lead a successful marriage life.
    I gave the recommendation first as I would like to add the purpose of the book. The author wants to add some values to the society by her attempt to bring a book which is a complete package for your loved ones who are going to be married soon. The book not only acts as a guiding light but also adds a spiritual concept of love which will heal your inner self. This book is a great gift for the guests invited to a wedding. It makes a great gift for anyone, period.
  • 1) The bride will be calm and peaceful before marriage if she reads this book as this book provides strength to carry on life with dignity and self-respect.
  • 2) The book will make the groom understand the importance of his wife after marriage as it will add a sense of responsibility.
    3) This book is a complete book which will guide you and your family when you need someone to understand a difficult situation.
    The book is published by – Notion Press which is available on Amazon, flip cart, and Walmart. The book is of 110 pages. To know more about the book, do buy your copy from amazon in india or anywhere else in the world.

Do buy the book from amazon and flipkart.

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Authors Interviews

Interview with Authoress Maryann Hayatian

Alice’s Pier 21 by Maryann Hayatian is an authoress who has written a children’s book. Maryann is well known for her books “Flower Child” and “Cookie, a Cat’s Tale”.
I had a golden opportunity to get to know her. It was really an exciting experience. She was kind and deferential.
Let’s see what she has to say about her journey –
• Why did you choose your Mothers Story to write a book on?
Her story needs to be heard, Canadian history that still continues throughout the decades. Kids will learn and grownups could relate.

• What made you think differently to write a book for children?
When you write a children’s book, you use your imagination.

• What problems you faced in deciding what picture will fit in your story?
There were no glitches with choosing photos, it was more what photo to put 1st until last.
Photos were drawn and drawings were added, as drawings were done there were lots to organize it was cool.
• What makes your book different from others?
Other books written about Pier 21, is about the general history how people went to Canada. This is authentic. What I wrote is proof, my mom and family went on the journey.

• What should a writer believe in when he is writing a book.
Writer should believe in itself first, knowing has talent to write and write not for the idea to be a writer.

• What message do you want to give to the readers?

You will like Alice’s Pier 21, the journey is what you will learn. This will want you to cherish the endurance to get what we want to achieve.

You can buy the book
Chapters, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

We wish the authoress best luck for her future endeavors.

You can check the reviwew on my Instagram page.

You can watch the vedio. Hope you liked the Journey.

Book Review


Alice’s Pier 21 is a children’s book which is a journey of Alice who gets to voyage and learn as she sails with her family to Canada. This book has the appeal that will attract the young readers to read because the story has text and drawings make it easy for a child to understand. This book holds advantage to lots of ethnicities as they will get to explore Canada.
The book is hardcover which adds the beauty of giving great satisfaction while reading. I would like to add some points about the author as she has written this book with love, affection and kindness as she has dedicated the book to her mom. The most beautiful part of the book is that she has written about her mothers’ journey to Canada with authors grand parents and her uncle in 1963 in this some photos are drawn by hand and some are real photo which will extra privilege and dedicated to her mother.

The important things that the book has are The journey starts from voyaging from her country, taking 2 ships and a train to get to her beginning as they exited out of the Montreal Central Station where they all went to a new place. The book has an important message which she wants to give to readers is that we should be happy with little duds and cherish what we got and journey we choose. 

Recommended to – The book is recommended people of all ages. You will learn about a journey you won’t forget.
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You can watch the Alice’s Pier21 Trailer

You can get the book from book stores such as Amazon, Barnes and noble, chapters. The book is also available at

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